Our popular arctic summer gin has been stored in oak casks, to let it absorb the good vanilla and citrus flavors from the oak, in addition to all the beautiful northern Norwegian flavors from the botanical ingredients found at Myken. The summer gin has been given 7 months in 40 litre casks, previously filled with Myken Whisky.

Myken fatlagret sommergin 2021 copy.jpg


We often enjoy our cask stored summer gin neat, but it can also be used in G&T or in a cocktail.


Alcoholic strength: 47 % ABV

Bottle size: 500 ml

Packaging: Bottle only

Article number, Vinmonopolet: 13146802      

Price, Vinmonopolet: kr. 539,90,- (Sold out, new batch to be releases in May 2022)


In no particular order: Juniper berries (have to be in all gin), cloudberries, redcurrants, blueberries, crowberries, sorrel, oarweed, meadowsweet, adder’s fern, scots lovage, rhubarb, rose root, and sea buckthorn.

The use of alcohol can cause various adverse effects. Further information can be found here