Our winter gin has had a short cask stay: 15 months in ex-bourbon casks, has picked up vanilla and citrus from the oak, and has also become somewhat rounder at the edges. Our Arctic cask-aged winter gin is often enjoyed all year round, and gives taste associations to fresh sea spray, clear air, and a slightly melancholy dark time. The use of our own malt spirit gives a greater and heavier feeling than traditional gin, which is well accompanied by the freshness and acidity from juniper and citrus components. Here are the northern lights cool green tones as well as a fuller blush.

Myken fatlagret vintergin 2021 copy.jpg


The ingredients are partly traditional long-distance travelers, such as lemon peel, coriander seeds, and paradise grains (African pepper), and partly local, such as juniper, rose root, and sea buckthorn berries.


We especially enjoy this gin bar, preferably with a few ice cubes. If you fancy a G&T, we recommend cucumber, crushes pepper corns and lime as a suitable garnish, along with a neutral tonic.


Alcoholic strength: 47 % ABV

Bottle size: 500 ml

Packaging: Bottle only

Article number, Vinmonopolet: 13146902     

Price, Vinmonopolet: kr. 659,90 (Sold out)

The use of alcohol can cause various adverse effects. Further information can be found here