Our Summer Gin can be enjoyed throughout the year, and will evoke the taste of a distilled summer meadow from Arctic northern Norway – bathed in the midnight sun!

What makes this gin unique, is that all of the botanical ingredients (the taste components!) in it are found in or next to Myken – specifically the island Sjurøya, which is the largest in the archipelago. “Large” here being relative: it is less than 0,5 km² in area.

Myken_feb2022_JulieLuneborg_DSCF5012 kopi-2.jpg


This gin works very well neat (or with some ice cubes), but it will also shine as an ingredient in your favourite G&T or other mixed drink. Your imagination is the only limit for which garnishes or mixers to use!


Alcoholic strength: 47 % ABV

Bottle size: 500 ml

Packaging: Bottle only

Article number, Vinmonopolet: 10289002          

Price, Vinmonopolet: 427,90,-


In no particular order: Juniper berries (have to be in all gin), cloudberries, redcurrants, blueberries, crowberries, sorrel, oarweed, meadowsweet, adder’s fern, scots lovage, rhubarb, rose root, and sea buckthorn.

The use of alcohol can cause various adverse effects. Further information can be found here