Our Winter Gin can be enjoyed throughout the year, and the taste reminds you of fresh ocean spray, clear Arctic air, and a slightly melancholy winter twilight. Using our own malt spirit gives this gin a fuller and heavier character than traditional gin, while being accompanied by the freshness and acidity from e.g. juniper and citrus. Here you will find both the cool greens of the Northern Lights, as well as their warmer reddish blush.

Myken_feb2022_JulieLuneborg_DSCF5043 kopi-2.jpg


The ingredients are partly traditional and exotic, like citrus peel, coriander seed, and grains of Paradise (African pepper), and partly very local, like juniper, rose root, and sea buckthorn.


We especially like to sip this gin net, perhaps with a couple of ice cubes. If you’d rather go for a G&T variety, we recommend cucumber, rose pepper, and lime as suitable garnish, together with a neutral tonic.


Alcoholic strength: 47 % ABV

Bottle size: 500 ml

Packaging: Bottle only

Article number, Vinmonopolet: 3957902             

Price, Vinmonopolet: kr. 539,90

The use of alcohol can cause various adverse effects. Further information can be found here