We love receiving visitors in the distillery! If you come, we’ll take you on a tour throughout the entire process, and round it off with some tasting samples for those who are interested.


In the main summer season (Norwegian school holidays, from mid-June to mid-August), we do tours of the distillery almost daily:


Mon–fri: 15:00 (i.e. 3:00 pm)

Sunday: closed


Deviations from this will be highlighted on our Facebook page, and by notices on the distillery entrance. Outside the main season we can usually find you a time slot if you contact us beforehand:

E-mail: post@mykendestilleri.no/ Tel. +47 926 32 560.


We usually end our tours with a visit to the distillery shop – where we cannot offer you any alcohol for sale, but rather some stylish whisky glasses with our logo, water jugs, t-shirts, caps, etc.